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CompactPCI Backplanes

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CompactPCI Accessories
Part..No. Size Slots Rev Description
163.162 3Ux8HP 2 3.0 47pin power backplane 3U
163.023 6Ux8HP 2 3.0 2*47pin power backplane 6U
163.080 3.0 Pallet bridge module transparent left-to-right
193.627 3.0 Pallet bridge module transparent right-to-left(21004)
193.628 3.0 Pallet bridge module transparent left-to-right(22140)
193.629 3.0 Pallet bridge module non-transparent right-to-left
193.630 3.0 Pallet bridge module non-transparent left-to-right
163.038 Power bridge for modular backplanes

3.3V/5.0V logic ERNI CompactPCI backplanes support both the conventional 5.0V logic and the new 3.3V logic.The user selects one of the two possible logics by wiring the V(I/O)connection to the desired voltage. Auxiliary signals such as reset, power-fail, and sensing lines can be adapted using a 5-pin header.

Coding:To prevent damage to the system resulting from inccorrect insertion of cards with differing logic, the slots can be coded. The specification prescribes bright-blue coding for 5.0V systems and cadmium yellow coding for 3.3V system. Coding keys are used for installation.

Power supply:Power can be supplied to ERNI backplanes either using combined screw/flat-pin plug connections (faston terminals) or in combination with bolted-on conductor bars. Depending on the desired supply voltage 3.3V or 5.0V is applied to the V(I/O) terminal connection via the conductor bar. As standard, the conductor bar is fitted to V(I/O) and the 5.0V terminal connections.

Compact PCIBackplane for computer Telephony

  • Size : 6U with 8 slots
  • Superior EMC compliant PCB design with10 layer with fully shielded exterior layers.
  • VIO selection via jumper : 3.3V or 5.0V
  • Controlled impedance : 65 ohm
  • Bus clock frequency : 66 MHz
  • Power connection : ATX/Screw/Positronic P47
  • P/N : 163 069

66MHz-Compact PCI Backplane with 11 slots

  • Size : 3U with 11 slots
  • PCI rear bridge module optional
  • All 11 slots available from the front.
  • Two independant systems without bridge module.
    (slot 7 and slot 11 for system slots)
  • Dual Busmaster system with nontransparent brige module.
  • Power connection : ATX/DIN-M/Positronic
  • P/N : 173972

  • P/N of Rear Bridge (transparent:R-L): 193627

Custom Backplanes and Backplane assembly

ERNI Systems is ready to develop and produce your specific backplanes.
PCB design and layout production, backplane assembly, system rack building and quality assurance are done in our operation.